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Found Sound Remix Workshop (ages 5+)

Using Ableton Live music production software, a microphone and midi controller, instructors will help small groups of students record sounds that will be placed into a template. This usually means a lot of yelling, clapping stomping and being ridiculous. After the sounds have been recorded, youth get a chance to play the sounds on a midi piano as well as hear the sounds played back through the template. These templates provide the remixes for different child friendly pop songs. Workshops last roughly 1.5 hours per 25 youth.

All youth will receive their own CD with recordings of their groups and remixes. All of the sounds in the song below were recorded on the spot by participants.

Madlib Podcasts (Starting 2016)

Instructors will work with participants to fill out some reporter style madlibs (current events, weather, sports and entertainment). Youth will then take turns reading and

All participants receive their own CD with recordings of their groups and Podcasts. This workshop will be available as of January 2016.