Why I Love the Snow

When I woke up this morning and checked my facebook feed (yes Im one of those!) on my mobile phone, I couldn’t beleive thata few of my friends were talking about how much snow there was on the ground. This meant 2 things for me, the first being that it would be super easy to get my son out of bed. The second thing was that I would be able to enjoy the silence………

I mean, its not real silence, but the sound dampening effects of the snow is one of (if not my favorite) ambient sound of all time. Here is a great peice of fiction concerning the sound dampening effects of the snow~ http://brettkiellerop.com/snow

I will probably get out the sound recorder and go and record some more sounds today. The deafining sound of the snow will make the city an ideal recording studio with tons of sound absorption and new qualities of sound production.

So stay tuned for a new set of sounds, beats and music from your boy Dubgee!