Updates Augst 14th

August 14th

Lat night was another good set for a small but good crowd. When are emcees gonna stop promoting there own shows and let some who knows how to promote do it for them? But still, BIG UPS to KIDDISS for throwing it down last night at the fall tattoo parlour. While exploring a venue last, I had some wicked ideas for my own live show – very inspiring!

Where Im At Right NOW!!

The Vancity E.P. Release

It is almost ready with it’s final cut and will be going up on Itunes shortly thereafter. Its been a funny work in progress for the last ten years but it will be nice to have it finished the way it should have been done in the first place and I can get it out of the way. I will have a bunch of new copies ready in September so don’t forget to cop yours. The new (original) cuts will be tight, despite the references to the 90’s!!

The Truth E.P.
I like things short and sweet. The GZA once said, “too many songs weak rhymes is mad long/ keep it brief son, half short and twice strong!” And I definitely heeded that advice! The next bunch of songs you will hear from Dubgee were at a time when I was own, depressed and going through either a dysfunctional relationship or divorce and trying hard to find some light. I think you will totally hear that in the song writing. With regard to the title, everything on the EP is truth. Nothing is construed or flipped but honest. And I’m getting pretty sick of hearing emcees “keep it real” when real is the farthest thing from their actual lyrics.

Im also looking for volunteers to get hooked up to an EEG while listening to my track let the music heal me, for scientific purposes. For more details, you can check some of the earlier posts or email me through my blog. HOLLA!

Live Shows
Hip Hop
Just getting ready for September when we start performing my new Improved set. By we I mean Su Commandante (the DJ), Lexicon a.k.a. Illest Traits (The hypeman) and myself. We will be trying lots of new innovative techniques that I cant tell you about quite yet, but if yall know what Im capable of and have seen me innovate you know this will be hype.

Rock/ Hip Hop

I’ve also just started songwriting and working with a couple of old buddies. Right now were a four piece band, looking for a lead female vocalist. If your that girl, holla and we will put you in the audition list. We’ve got all of our ducks lined up from songwriting to publicity and management.

So enjoy the music, If you know of anybody looking for beats, tell them to holla, beats sell for different prices depending on who and what Im working for.

And thanks for all the support from my faithful fans!