Update for the masses!

So another sunny Sunday and I’m inside writing to nobody!  Not really, cuz this blog thing is great for organizing my thoughts! And why am I addicted to the exclamation mark? Whatevs….. On with the show.

The Past.

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster for me. I participated in Vancitys third beat battle, going head to head with some of Vancitys hottest producers. Had to battle Steps Necessary in the first round, which I won by a decent margin. In the second round I had to battle D-Rec, who was obviously a little drunk and that battle was close. I actually thought he had me with the crowd response but the judges picked me _it was on to the finals. Mr.Hindz had some dope beats that were super mainstream but the crowd loved them. My beats were HOT, straight street grimey hip hop beats. And this battle was close too. But the judges choose the opponent. Dang, so close. But I did get some paying gigs in the next couple of days so everything turned out okay.

The Present

A couple of days previously I had dropped my laptop though which made me scramble for beats. And I’m not making excuses for the battle, shit I came in second. But it does put a bit of a pushback on the deadline for my album, which sucks. But I fear not theunknown and I have already started making new beats to work with on this new album.

The Future

I got a couple of good gigs coming up, the main one being Main street car free days. It’s a pretty big gig with lots of exposure so Im trying really hard to get ready for that one. I’ve got a pretty good set list planned out that will be both positive and retrospective and appropriate to East Van heads, young and old alike.

I’ve also managed to assemble a ragtag crew of Hypeman, bboys and DJ along side the Dubgee this time so this show will be insane.

Another project I brain farted one night was exclusive mixes. Im going to start composing some beats and songs with the idea that I will auction them off like a painting when they are finished. The lucky winner will be able to enjoy the exclusive rights to a musical composition. It has all the same allures of owning a CD except NOBODY else will be pumping that shit. Show it off to your friends, bump it in your ride, make up your own lyrics for it whatever you want. And, I will be revisiting it every so often and will email updates of your work to you. Updates will include remixes, upgrading a mix from stereo to 5.1 or even7.1, remixing to change the genre or adding a visual track! The idea is to change the way someone experiences music and to have a constantly growing project, living art. As time goes on and new multimedia programs open the door for new experimentation, the paid for art will improve and grow in size and effort.

Merchandise is coming!! For those that love to support your boy, I will be getting D.F.A. (Don’t Fuck Around) shirts and more No Pants t-shirts. The new shirt we are adding to the line will be in line with my new album and were keeping that under wraps for now.

A quick couple of request from the die hards (you know who you are, and thank you!).

1. For one straight week, right before you go to bed, listen to “Let the music heal me” in some headphones with your eyes closed and focus on the panning of the percussion and bass. At the end of one week, send me an email and let me know how it made you feel. There have been some insane effects on my brain and I would like to see what it does to other people when listened to regularly.

2. Join the email list and spread the word! I’ve got some really easy ways to pass on the word about me and my music through reverbnation.com that I can pass on.

3. Buy some merch! But that will come a little later when I have merch available.

4. Keep in touch! Love my fans, cause I know most of you guys and would like to hang with you guys.

5. Here are some widgets to pass along and help share my music along with a list of all the social networking platforms you can find me on!!






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