The Hustle Paying Off!! (Not making stupid raps)

What up Fam?? Heres another update (while I have a minute!!)
So the internet hustle is paying off! You know social networking is a tricky medium to promote your music becuase you truly have to separate yourself from all the crap thats out there!! Which is one of the reasons I’m proud of my music right now. It really is full of substance and thought. And hopefully will provoke dialogue about the subject matter.
Hip Hop and rappin to me is much more than expression. I think thats a pretty selfish reflection on the art form. As much as that is important to me, I really would like my music to have an impact on it’s listeners. With let the music heal me, the purpose is really to relax people and help calm a brain that society hypes to ridiculous speeds using things like TV, coffee, and financial guilt. The way society is setup for us to enjoy life is really destroying us. So everything I do is to counteract the anxiety that is created to keep us unfocused. And its nice to have a song that really can promote that mission. So if you get a chance, push the instrumental out, and give it to people and refer them back here.
Also, I hope people question what Im doing. It will assist in my creating music and help keep me focused and open to other points of view I might not have considered. Maybe I can turn my research somewhere else in a different direction! Maybe, we can start a dialogue with people that will encourage people to see the truth behind North American Realities and the way we are forced to live in guilt and fear. That would be incredible.
But for now, I will keep helping kids find the truth in themselves and thier communities. I will continue to be myself, stand up for what I believe in, and always question my surroundings to make sure I have the most up to date and accurate information possible.
So thanks for all the help in pushing my music, I hope it makes you feel like you should!!
Also, big shouts to my homeboy, Victor, who showed up at my gig the other night unexpected and made my day!! Its always nice to see random good friends!!