Swine Flu Hype!

The obvious love based decision is to offer my condolences to the family of Evan Frustaglio. I have a super amazing little boy who is also sick right now whom I don’t want anything to happen to. But there is a whole different side to this story. FEAR.

There is no swine flu. There might be a different strain of flu going around this year but it isn’t from no Pig. Definitely from The Man, but not the Pigs. I read the article on Canada dot com and in one of the final paragraphs it reads

“We have heightened, across the organization, the defensive steps we need to take,” said Johnson. “We are taking steps because we can’t take any chances, but officially we don’t know (what he died from); it’s all just rumour right now.”

SO WHY DO ALL THE HEADLINES SAY HE DIED FROM SWINE FLU???? Ass holes. Its all fear mongering.

A couple of good swine flu facts!

1. If you get vaccinated in Canada and get even sicker because of it, the makers of the vaccine have legal immunity from lawsuits!

So, you tell me I need this shit, then tell me to fuck off when it makes me sicker, resulting in the use of more drugs to get better, probably from the same people that made the vaccine!
Heres what the disclaimer for the vaccine should say:

Use of this vaccine could result in the following side effects; loss of legal recourse, exposure to different illness, shortening of funds, increase of fear AND some possible flu like symptoms.

2. In April, (one of?) the vaccine makers, Novavax, share value shot up 75% after suffering a 52 week low on the market. (They got one juicy contract and thier shareholders are laughing!) Guess who their shareholders are! My guess is government officials who were offered stocks in return for a promise to buy this vaccine. Everybody gets money! Except for the lower class who just gets the shaft!

3. BC apparently is the Canada’s leader with “detected” swine flu cases. Pretty convenient way to start a world wide pandemic right? Get everybody in Vancity sick with it and give it to the rest of the world at the 2010 Olympics. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, big business all over the place. Olypmics, government drug companies, stock markets are all being affected by a flu that no body can prove to me exists.

Its all just propaganda! And like Chuck D said….. Dont believe the hype!!!