Sounds of the City Part 1

What up Fam? I’m feeling pretty good today, mostly because I’m GETTING SHIT DONE. If you read some of my other blogs, you would know that for me, getting things done is always a hassle. So I am pretty proud to give you the Sounds of Commercial Drive part 1, which is my first sound art project.

But what does it mean?

This is a question asked by most laymen when interacting with an art piece for the first time. I understand the point of the question, but if you are taking in some art, the point isn’t to come to some sort of concrete conclusion, it’s more of an examination of a conclusion or point. For instance, my goal with this sound peice is not to make you think a certain way about something, but to explore the idea that our senses are all interconnected. What happens when you isolate one sense, and then try to “see” the same picture.

In this case my question is, what does Commercial Drive look like when there is no picture?

Would you recognize any of Commercial Drive if you were blind? How would you know were you were? Can you tell when I was stopped at a traffic light? Are there any irregularities that make you question the surroundings?

I also thought that maybe some one might get homesick and just sit back, put on some headphones and listen to home sweet home. This sound scape also has a creative commons licence so that other people can download it and use it as they see fit, as long as they credit me.

In this particular sound scape, I would like to note that I was holding the microphone in the direction that I was walking. That means that you will hear what I hear as I walk. I walked up  the west side of Commercial Drive so you will hear a lot of traffic on the left side (if you hear it on the right, your headphones are in backwards!) and some traffic at the cross streets.

I will be posting Part 2 of this early next week with more streets to come in the future.I am not sure if there is any “end” for this project because I would really like to compare the sound of one of our streets with streets in some other parts of the world(s)*.

But mostly I did this because I’m a sound geek and I can! Oh, and have a listen and share with anyone you think might enjoy this!

Sounds of Commercial by dubgee

*Interplanetary travel is closer than we think!!