Sound Art vs. The Canucks

THis week I was supposed to have some new songs made up for Fontana’s Cafe and Sharks and Hammers but got side tracked by a little Canucks project.

I headed out down town to watch the Canucks battle the Black Hawks in the first round of the play offs. I brought my sound recorder to capture the sounds of the crowd cheering and booing and being wild. I got some great samples (including some great cursing!!) and flipped it into a beat.

Each track will start with the sound of the anthem from the previous nights game. I wanted to capture and share at least one common moment between all the games.

The samples include:

Whistling (Main Melody)
Crowd cheering after first and second goals (Ambiance)
Clapping (Claps)
Two glasses chiming (Kick Drum and hit)

Canucks vs. chicago instrumental by dubgee
One part of this project is definitely making great sounding compositions (dope beats) but the other focus is to manipulate sounds that we take for granted or disvalue by tuning out. This is my way of saying every thing can sound great if you just hear it in the right context.

Once I had the beat finished, my homey Doug rolled through and wanted to write a Canucks song and jump on the Canucks hip hop track bandwagon with the rest of Vancity doing tracks. I agreed to it and decided that I would make a new track every game to push my creativity and challenge my beat making skills.

Doug Tree – Black Hawk Down (dubs mix dirty) by dubgee

Because hockey is a team game, I am calling for local emcees to stay tuned to this next bunch of hockey inspired and sourced set of hip hop beats. And if you feel like one of these beats is a shot on net, throw down some lyrics and screen the goalie. IF you need a studio to record, holler at me. So far, Little T is down and I will be doing a track tomorrow. To be posted before tomorrows game. I hope you enjoy and please leave some comments!!