Olympic Reasoning

For all of you that saw me on the news the other day, let me clearly spell out why I protest as well as some of the finer points of acknowledging a protest.
1. To spread the word about what is going wrong with our community, city and metro area. Too many people are still ignorant to the fact the Olympics is the reason that our Healthcare and Education funding is gone.
I know people like to argue about the economic collapse of the world as the reason, and yes we did have raised costs because of that. But not one single Olympics has ever been profitable for the host city. Ever. Period.
2. I was a part of rerouting the torch from Commercial Drive to get revenge, pure and simple. I have had to change my life around to accommodate the Olympics so dammit, the Olympics is going to be inconvenienced by me for a change.
3. I am not now or ever was or will be part of the black block. Those dudes you see with all black clothing smashing shit and beating people up, not me. So don’t assume that I know any of those people or that they are my friends because we are all protesting together. Thats just being prejudiced.
4. Most protesters are marginalized peoples. Ethnic minorities, indigenous communities and people living close to or under the poverty line are usually the people in protests. These peoples, for the most part (I can’t speak for everybody), share the idea of a social network offline. As in we regularly need to help each other out and make sure that everybody succeeds, not just a select few.

Basically a protest (in my eyes) is supposed to be about education, and learning. Not yelling at people and getting upset with what should be your comrades. The right to protest is a right and freedom granted to all people in the Canadian Charter.

And to the people yelling and screaming about “My kids didn’t get to see the torch” or “Why don’t you do something that affects the people responsible” and my favorite, “Get a job/life”, I can only say maybe you should have been better educated about the issues that were going on when you decided to watch the Torch Relay. Everybody, knew where the torch was going, and if you really wanted to see it, you would of gone where you knew there would be no problem. In other words, you should of been educated.

(Sorry I couldnt post the footage or a pic (I dont have them, so if you do holla!)