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As an artist starting to do more and more art things, I’ve decided to open my music up as art to all. I’ve created some custom art(music) pieces 2 – 5 minutes in length for friends as “exclusive pieces”. In other words, there are a couple of people walking around right now bumping some custom made music in their headphones. It is very similar to commissioning a painting for your wall except this is art you hear. And you will actually be able to say to your friends, “YO!, Check this shit out! Im the only one on my block with this new shit new shit new shit!! Exclusive Exclusive Exclusive!” And you will have it exclusively because you paid for that right.

Because this is commissioned art, I am very open to working things in that you as people love. Here is a list of options or ideas to get you thinking;
1.Putting in some extra bass for your ride.
2.Making slow relaxing chill beats to fall asleep to
3.Sampling and chopping up songs or sounds* you like and creating a new work out of it
*Favorite songs, tv themes, odd instruments or percussion, kids voices etc. (possibilities are endless)
4.Custom remixes of your favorite hip hop tracks.

The other part of this project is to custom make music for rides with custom sound setups. I do have the technology to create bass lines taking the most advantage of your subs. Most custom rides will have a certain frequency range that makes their ride HUMMMMM. SO if you know what frequencies your ride bumps, holla at me and I will do my best to make a dope custom song for your ride that nobody else has!!

Cost ranges from 50 – 100 dollars depending on the amount of time I spend on it. So whether its a simple bass boost on your favorite old track, a chill beat to fall asleep to or just a simple question, holla at your boy for custom music!!


  1. Dubgee says:

    2nd and 3rd Beat posted now!! Check them out!

  2. Dubgee says:

    2nd and 3rd Beat posted now!! Check them out!

  3. Dubgee says:

    Update!! First beat posted. Check out th elinks!