Living the dream

living the dreamAlmost a year and a half ago, Christy Clark waged a war against teachers that made my job as an after school youth worker collataral damage. I was out of work. Since I wasn’t a V.S.B. employee, I wasn’t entitled to strike pay or anything, I did facilitate workshops during the summer but when September rolled around I was still out of a job.

A friend called me and asked if I wanted a job as a driver for a recycling company. I needed to work so I agreed. It only took about two months for me to get a promotion and fill my supervisors position when he needed to take a medical leave. Just like that I went from running my small workshop business to running a team of 10 drivers and 4 warehouse staff.

I was living the dream. As it progressed, the job turned from dream into nightmare. I wasn’t making any art due to the heavy 50 – 60 hour per week workload. I began to miss working with youth. I was having a hard time being a dad after coming home exhausted every day. Of course the money was decent, and I enjoyed the advantages that came with that such as eating out, buying new clothes and taking vacations. But just as my workload became unbearable, I received an email from a client who wanted me to return to their child care program and facilitate my Found Sound workshop with their participants.  I promptly booked the day off and spent some much needed time having fun, screaming, stomping, banging and laughing with kids.

A week after that glorious workshop, in the beginning of July, I got laid off. I was back to square one in the exact same spot, at the same time as in 2014. This time around though I couldn’t have been happier. I took a small little vacation to work out the stress that had built up over those horrible 9 months. Now I am back to joy of my small business – making music with kids. All of the other music projects I work on are not as fun as making music with kids. So I am super excited to be back this winter facilitating workshops and living my passion.

Here is the finished product from the last set of workshops I facilitated.