Its a new year time for some new shit……….

Whats up Family?

I must admit, I haven’t really kept up this music blog as much as I wanted to but better believe I will be updating lots in ‘011. But I want to keep it brief to bring you up to speed and get moving!

Truth E.P. – the new EP is almost finished. Just finishing up the Vocals and then sending it off to my good friend Kyhan Smith for mixing and mastering.

Workshops – I’ve just finished up with the surrey urban youth project where we made our own beats from scratch (literally)and I’m just getting the format right to expand this project into a 10 week course. The workshop will take students (any age 6 – 60) out in the city to record “urban sounds” with my new ZOOM sound recorder. After the sounds are recorded and catalogued, we take them back to the studio/classroom and sequence them into beats.

Blogs – I have began a couple of different blogs.
Single Dad Blog Please Read!!
Music Projects All the music projects will be updated on my reverbnation blog as well so all of my music fans can get them.

Im also starting a movie blog, but that wont be posted until February / March. I will have some new music posted up in the next couple of days, featuring sounds from around my city (Vancouver) hope you enjoy!!

And thanks for staying tuned.