International Womens Day

My International Women’s day began with my social media sites telling me a famous celebrity broke the internet with her nudes again. I was online so I guess the outage didn’t affect me. I sent the usual short and sweet IWD text out to the women on my contact list and waited for the responses.

The responses ranged from, “Women have a holiday? why am I still at work?!” and “Thanks so much” to “New phone, who is this?” which always makes me chuckle. I am a phone number hoarder – I never delete numbers, you never know when your going to need an old contact, am I right?

Talking with the ladies in my life on IWD always makes me smile even if they don’t know what IWD is but I have a bone to pick with rappers who try to preach about how much they love and respect women but write raps full of misogyny.

The first bone to pick is this – you cant write misogynistic raps and claim to respect women. It’s an oxymoron.

The second bone is THIS – You can’t claim satire or parody if it isn’t any different then real people writing real misogynistic raps.

The third bone is this – If you really respect women, why are you defending your misogynistic raps to them? Ask a feminist you know if your song title that includes the words PUSSY, FUCK, PIMP or WHORE if it offends them. If the answer from a Feminist is yes then maybe you should reconsider your decision about loving women.

The thing that most men I encounter that bugs me most is that they fail to see how their actions affect women. Maybe here in Canada there are a bunch of middle class Canadian white (or any other colour) girls that don’t mind the use of the words PUSSY, FUCK, PIMP or WHORE but every else in the world, especially in third world countries, these words are used by aggressors to objectify, commodify and abuse women. But as the old saying goes, if it doesn’t affect me, I don’t care.

So men, especially men who say they love and care for the women in their life, please step outside your comfort zone and ask a lady how she feels about your songs or albums that put down women. Because on International Women’s Day it’s really about them and what they think, not what you think about yourself.

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