If you keep asking Ill keep telling.

So lets be honest.

Q: Am I enjoying the Olympics right now?

Q: Will i be thinking good thoughts about the Olympics when I am paying 12 – 14% tax on everything? A: Sure.

Q: Will I enjoy the Olympics when my son is not in school because they can’t afford to teach him?
A: Why Not?

Q: Will you enjoy paying more for busfare when Translink raises bus fare in April? Yeah, man I love the bus. And who doesn’t want to pay for a good ride jam packed full of people you don’t know!

I’ve gotta show Olympic Spirit right? The Olympics is fun for the kids, because what kid doesn’t love to skip school? My son and his friends will be missing an extra day of school per month because of the cost of these Olympics.

Yo, the myth of the tourism dollar is abundantly clear now. Vancouver will not make any money. Just the downtown business that can afford the high rent of the downtown core. Commerical Drive, Main street, etc are not making any money. Nothing at all.

Maybe it’s not my place to be mad at the Olympics, after all the citizens of Vancouver wanted to bring the Olympics here right? OH wait, what? It was a business decision? Made by Gordon Campbell and his business friends? Ohhhhhhh. Now it all makes sense. The Olympic games are for Elitists. People in the upper class or middle class folk who are trying desperately to be upper class.

People are asking me again and again why I protest. Maybe you should of paid attention to the protest to hear what the protesters had to say. And if you don’t beleive us, try looking up this information for yourself. The HBC got its windows smashed for being a tool of colonization utilized by Europeans to dominate the local culture and fully exploit the indigenous people for everything they had. And because our Canadian education system is perfect, people get offended when you try to explain to them that they were misguided from the truth of the indigenous Holocaust.

The HBC is again exploiting the local culture by capitalizing on these Olympics and not keeping agreements with Aboriginal Communities and selling “aboriginal Culture” that was made in China and other foreign places.

A few years ago I interviewed the Reverend Kevin Annet (for my talk show TFS). He was an Anglican minister that took up a position in a Port Hardy church. After getting to know the congregation (made up of mostly aboriginal peoples) he began to hear stories about the atrocities that had happened for years on their reserve. One of the things he had heard was that bodies of loved ones were buried, unmarked, in the back lot of the church. When Kevin confronted the Church he was told to quit asking questions. From there, the story basically sounds like a Steven Seagull movie where Kevin was removed from his position and blackballed by the professional religious community (he couldn’t get work as a minister anywhere).

I know it (The indigenous holocaust) sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory and it is (crazy). With the media attention it does get, (like the fake apology from the dishonourable Stephen Harper) I’m really shocked that more Canadians don’t really get it. But do they really want to?

It’s unfortunate that most of us are either bred to be complacent or work really hard for someone else to take a small vacation every once in a while. I really think people need to stop watching so much tv and read a book. Challenge yourselves. Break Complacency. And then go watch Dubgee at his next show cuz he needs rent!!!

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