If you get a chance…….

Blog Posting October 15th 2009

Okay so it has been a little while since Ive posted some music. Or anything for that matter. Usual st.ory though, computer got a virus temporarily suspending my onlineness. But I am back! And it is nice to connect with the world. So here goes.
The next project for yours truly is to bring my song “Vancity” to the forefront of the population with a facebook group under the pretense that it is the citizens of this city’s duty to bring the culture and character of the city to the tourists that will be coming here for the Olympics. Do we really want Gordon Campbell telling tourists what to do in this city? For all we know, he will have our visitors drinking and driving all over town. I dont think it would be fair to the city to sit around on our asses while the Olys are here. So lets do our part.
I wrote the song Vancity about ten years ago and recorded it about the same time. I put more work into that song then I have put into any other work of my own since. It was a true labour of love and has been genuinely accepted by everyone that hears it young and old, regardless of personal taste in music. So I would like to present the song to its inhabitants with the idea that people would appreciate it as a work of art, a painting of our cityscape. It is my hope that people will choose it as a theme during the olympics to not just tell other people what our city is like, but to remember what our city was like before the Five Ring Circus came to town.
I hope you enjoy the song and can endorse it as I have requested. If you have any thoughts and feelings that you would like to contribute please feel free to post them on the page with pictures videos or anything else that you may think visitors would want to see, hear, taste? Or know about Vancouver. Please tell your friends family and pets to become a fan of the page and lets tell the world what makes Vancouver one of the best places to live!!