Fortune Sound Club

Whats up Fam?? Got another dope beat here for the masses. This one comes to us by way of Fortune Sound Club and a bunch of random noises I collect while the staff cleaned up what looked like a crazy night. Included are some of the pictures of me and my assistant Zakk making sounds. Hope you like the beat. Holler for custom jobs – these short little beats make great custom ringtones.

Here it is – Fortune Sound Club Beat
Fortune sound club mix by dubgee

List of Sounds used
Melody – Half full 40 pounders of Crown Royal and Jack Daniels combined with the chime of hi-ball glasses.
Kick Drum – Flicking the leather seats with my finger
Snare/Rim Shot – The latch on the door for the Sound Booth
Shakers – Sticky shoes on the Bathroom Floor
Background ambience – Water Faucet in the Mens Room
And here is a link to the picture gallery of me and Zakk making sounds.
Fortune Sound Club picture Gallery