Finally some new music!!

So the new track is called Fly Away. Its pretty self explanatory, written in some rough times but now you could say I definitely got my chance to fly away. But now that Ive learned how to spread my wings, there is nothing really to hold me back.

I’ve caught some flack from people close to me for waiting so long. I mean I’m 30 25 years old and just figuring it out now. People don’t really understand that I just didn’t have the appropriate skills or mind frame to succeed. But after a full two years of trying to turn my life around, I’m starting to see some results. School, career, that kind of thing. It’s all coming together now. And reflected in the arrangement of the song.

The track starts pretty slow and punctuated. Very precise. As it builds into the hook, it again starts subtle and explodes out of the frustration I was feeling at the time. My homegirl Jaclyn killed the vocals! The second verse is where I’m at after this explosion of anger and frustration, regaining my focus, looking at the bigger picture, and trying to figure it all out.

I never really felt like I fit in society. What everybody else thinks is cool I don’t think is cool. An outcast. Growing up with money didn’t make me hungry for the green, it made me question what we really need it for. This is what I tried to reflect in the second verse.

After the second verse, I decided to switch up the beat again just to keep it interesting, and let Jaclyn do her thing! And this is the first song that I’ve ever mixed on my own. So thanks Jaclyn, Will and Columbia Academy for helping me get this track done. I hope your digging the new track. Please leave comments, download it, pass it on! It would be real nice if you could post widgets and spread links wherever possible.

And if you get a chance, come and see me perform in August at the Fall tattoo parlour on Seymour! (Follow the links)



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