Dubgee presents “The Pre Drink”

Dubgee Presents

A couple of months ago I had an idea that I would like to host an early saturday night hip hop show called the pre drink. The idea was to have an intimate venue where people could chill out, have a drink or two before heading down town and listen to some dope live music. (The original idea even went so far as to suggest the music should be better than what you were going to hear later but I wasn’t in the business of ruining peoples nights.)

It’s taken a little while to put together but it’s finally here. “The Pre-Drink” will be a hip hop dinner showcase from 7 – 9pm at Falconetti’s on Commercial Drive and will feature a showcase of live hip hop curated by yours truly. The kick off is September 21st, 2013 and will feature myself, Dubgee as well as Fully Faded, The Game Genies and Tha Hazmat Crew.

More about the Artists


Single dad, musician and youth worker. I once ran for Mayor and I never stop talking about it. Most of my readers will already know me so Im going to skip to the other guys.

The Game Genies

Made up of funny men Billy Botoxx and Kaboom Atomic the Game Genies are probably the smartest rappers in Vancity right now. Their first track “Ballin” was recorded at my place and blew up on college humour when it first went up. Extremely talented performers in thier own right, these boys have penned some tracks that will leave you in stitches.

Fully Faded

I met these three dudes most recently performing at Joe’s Atlantic Bar and Grill out in Port Moody (with J Thorn) and loved their party rocking vibe. To me this was positive vibration hip hop and I felt it would be a great soundtrack to your meal. (Unlike the other night on Main at Hyde where they were playing some hardcore rap where my mom, my gf and I were trying to enjoy dinner during a barrage of n bombs, “suck my dicks” and “fuck you/these bitches/hoes”.)


RC The Hazard and The Hazmat Crew

RC is one of the most passionate dudes I know thats rapping right now. He’s performed over 50 shows this year, filmed and released a hip hop documentary and is always recording new material with the Hazmat Crew. He has been kind of enough to host me and my partner in rhyme Doug Tree numerous times out in Whalley lately so its good to repay the favour. I met him through another good friend of mine in the Hazmat Crew Vicious 5150. (I still don’t even know what that means???)

More about the Venue

Faclonetti’s is a grill house on Commercial Drive that features the most amazing variety of Sausage. It’s been around for quite a while, has expanded both sideways and up with a new storefront and patio and hosts a plethora of live music. 


So come on out to Falconetti’s for our new monthly hip hop showcase, Saturday Sept 21st, 7pm -9pm with all of the aforementioned artists. No cover, all ages, good eats, good music – great vibe.

Word is bond.
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