Do people still use papyrus?

Papyrus – Font of the Gods

I don’t know if I’m alone on this, but at least my girlfriend can vouch for my sanity. It seems that everywhere I go, people are using the papyrus font for just about anything. Restaurant logo’s, my favourite coffee shop, menu’s ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in papyrus. It makes no sense to me. Branding 101 – use something original for your brand. Something that defines your business. So why does the Chinese place down the street have it on their awning? Is it Chinese/Egyptian cuisine? Did Tutenkhamen give you his blessing when you opened your store? How about you Laughing Bean? Serve any medium roast from North Africa? I don’t know why people all want their text to look like this. (Well, actually, I do. I too once thought it was the coolest out of all the fonts and used it quite a bit. Thats how I know it so good!)

But today drew the line. The Na’vi closed captioning team also LOVES Papyrus. Why else would everything that the Na’vi say be spelled out for us in PAPYRUS. Dammit, Cameron!!! You know Times New Roman is a bit played out sure, Courier New would’ve been somewhere in my top five but PAPYRUS?!?!?!?! Jeez people, we need some new fonts. Or some new People.