Coffee and Cream

I slapped this little beauty together over the course of the last few weeks. I’ve been working on a mixtape called White Boy Breaks a.k.a. Classic Rock vs. Hip Hop that will feature samples from predominantly white artists. This is just my way of musically addressing cultural appropriation and stealing white music instead of black music. Although I did lift a couple of bars of some spanish music for this one……

Sample 1 – The Trogg’s – 66 5 4 3 2 1

I started out with a real classic group – The Trogg’s. Best known for their hit “Wild Thing” the Troglodyte’s also penned “With a girl like you” and “Love is all around.” I found this track in a random music folder that DJ Souls had hooked up for some remixes we worked on. I heard the Tom Tom pattern and knew I had to drop something over it.

Sample 2 – B.T.O. – Blue Moanin

I knew that I would need some harder drums to complete the pattern, something with a hard snare and kick. Randy Bachman never seems to let me down (either as B.T.O. or the Guess Who) so I opened my classic rock folder and dug through my B.T.O collection. Blue Moanin hit me right away when I heard the opening drums. I felt pretty lucky hitting two opening breakbeats back to back.

Sample 3 – Los Angelos Negroes – No Vivir

While perusing my classic rock folder I came across a recent favourite of mine Los Angelos Negroes. Clearly not a white band, I figured I had already sampled two white bands and was thinking about throwing some Lynyrd Skynrd in the mix for good measure so I would see if anything in the 20 Grandes Exitos folder could get laced over top of these drums I had already put down. I instantly knew that the breaks on “No vivir” would be accessible with some creative editing – I needed to get rid of the vocals. Once the editing was done, I duplicated the track, pitch shifted it down 1 octave and low pass filtered it for a bass line. I sensed it just needed a good melody or guitar lick and I knew just where to get it.

Sample 4 – Lynyrd Skynrd – Simple Man

I’ve had a couple of requests for some dope classic rock jacks (Tusk and Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, These Eyes by the Guess Who) but I have never been able to wrap my head around Lynyrd Skynrd’s Simple Man as a rap sample. My good homey Mr. Fixx asked for the beat a couple of years ago now but I just never was able to cut it up to my own high standards. After feeling lucky with the first two breaks I found today I had decided today was going to be the day I laid out Simple Man. I knew it wasn’t going to work as a loop so I imported it into ableton and sliced it into pieces. It took me a little while to figure out how to lay the guitar licks over the beat I had but after some creative pitch shifting of samples I finally figured it out. I was having so much fun jamming out with the samples and beat at this point that I came up with two different patterns with the guitar lick. One would be for a chorus and one for the verses.

In the end, I took out the pitch shifted, filtered bass line and replayed a bass in Reason. It more or less copies the bass line that preceeded it but is a lot more crisp and obvious. I also added some mallet sounds and a high synth to round out the overall soundscape. I bounced this rough version but will probably rearrange it when I have some raps for it. Until then, enjoy this rough version of “coffee and cream”.


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