Blog #2

So i kinda said I was gonna drop a bunch of info in this blog about the music scale and things me and my researchers have found but instead, im just gonna post a quick status update before I bounce outta the house today.

So, I went over to North Van to get hooked up to the EEG machine and listen to this beat that i made that my theory tells me should help my brain produce theta waves. Upon listening to the beat, we found that my high level brain waves dropped and my low theta levels remained active. They didnt blow off the chart or anything. But it was definetly a good reaction. The concept now is to see if other people react to the music the same way that i did.

The two things that I put into this music that were of “special” consequence were this
1. The panning of most instruments pans left to right at a frequency of between 4 and 8 hertz. (this was supposed to synchronize the left and right side of the brain to the same frequency, stimulating those waves).
2. Retuning all the instruments around a pitch of middle C at 528 hertz. This was done to reflect Dr. Len Horowitz’s “study and research” into the solfeggio scale.

This solfeggio scale has no credibilty that i have found as of late. Upon studying the numbers though, I found an extremely odd pattern that was actually a base 9 number pattern. This is where my research goes from reasonable to mad scientist. I have not yet found a reason or explanation for this number pattern and i will include it on this blog as soon as i can scan it in to the PC.

By retuning my main pitch, i thought if Dr. Horowitz was correct, the song would have some healing properties. Sure its a little “out there”, but who wouldnt love to be able to heal your body by just sitting and listening to some music?

So long story short, Im gonna post up here with some more of my findings and also start to involve the people that have helped me along in this.

Oh and the beat is called Let the music heal me, and is included on my reverbnation musician page.