The End is Near

The Back on the Grind EP is DONE. Im particularly proud of the effort that Doug, Billy and I put in. I know a lot of friends and supporters of mine have been waiting to hear the finished product and I wanted to take to my blog to hip you to the process we went through.

They Meet

First, Billy and I met at a beat battle a couple of years ago. I ended up placing second overall in the competition and that inspired Billy to buy some beats off of me. He hollered at me we hooked up and made some fresh beats for Billy to write to.


Fast Forward a couple of years and I was writing political raps and running for Mayor. I badly needed a hype man and coincidentally ran into Billy. I don’t personally call them coincidences, I call them synchronicities.  So me and Billy began performing together for my campaign and ended up really enjoying working together. After the election was over, I introduced him to Doug Tree, played some fresh beats for the two of them and here we are…….

Common Musical Interests

Doug and Billy’s love for classic rock was the first source of inspiration I got from the two of them. When they picked beats that I had made, almost everyone of them was classic rock inspired or sampled. At this point we weren’t thinking about sample clearance or trying to sell any music we just wanted to write some dope tracks. It was decided that we would write songs with the intent to entertain people. #TreeTox didn’t just want to rock mics, they wanted to rock crowds.

Scene 4 – Writing

It’s hard to say what song came first. I’m fairly ADD and all over the place so we ended up starting to write three songs at once. I had beats and hooks for Back on the Grind and 2 Pitchers so we got those started. A couple of days later Billy found a beat by Gramatik with the Stairway to Heaven sample. Doug and I had already put together “Let the rain begin” with a Cat Stevens sample that we thought would make a nice addition to the collection. Lastly we added Billy’s “Wanna Rap” and we had a five song set.


Now #TreeTox had a good group of songs to perform, they decided that before they would record the songs, they wanted to live, eat, breathe and them. So they found a rehearsal spot and ran through their set on a weekly basis and performed the set at Main Street Live. After performing the set, they felt ready to record and we began the process.


The actual recording of the album took us a long time as we recorded, rerecorded and remixed time and time again in an effort to get the best sounding material. Once we had takes of the songs that everyone was happy with, we wanted to make original beats for our songs so that we wouldn’t have sample clearance issues. I whipped up some new beats to go with our acapellas and then we didn’t like our old vocals with new beats. SO we recorded again. All of a sudden it was coming up to Christmas time and we had a Christmas song idea. Back to the studio.  We finished up in early December and took a good break to mix and get everything else ready for the release.


So now it is March and the ball is rolling. We have the EP finished available for streaming (and as soon as our album artwork is done) and “by donation” download. We will be doing lots of shows in and out of town as well as holding contests and giving merch away etc…. So thanks for tuning in and giving us some shine, we appreciate it. And don’t forget to listen to the album here.
Yours Truly,