Alife 1 and 2

In addition to being a dope beat maker, I am also a single dad. My son has really taken to this art idea of recording different sounds around the city with me. And I think it would be a great way to promote brands or make music for commercials, like this Nike one.
I ran into emcee Jaykin and an old acquaintance Justin,a little while ago outside Alife where they both work in Gastown. I immediately thought of the sounds of Alife as a tribute and homage to their support of the underground hip hop culture through its art and fashion. I told Isaiah my idea and he thought it sounded like a great way to spend a Tuesday Evening. I picked him up at 3:00 when the school bell rang and we headed down to Gastown to go and sample Alife.

When we got there Jaykin was working but it was kind of slow, so he was able to help us out while I recorded the sound and Isaiah took some pictures with my iPhone. Big shout out to Jaykin who was holding down steady rhythms on everything from hangers on racks to shoe boxes and laces while i manned the HN4 Zoom. I guess I was staring too hard at the levels and trying to make sure my mics didn’t clip because that shit DIDN’T RECORD. And thats not the first time I’ve done this either. The really sad part is that I didn’t realize I hadn’t recorded it until I got home and listened to it all and realized I was missing about 15 minutes of all the best stuff. The other sound we missed due to technically difficulty was the sound of the heater. According to Justin the heater sounds gnarly when it starts up in the morning, but only when its really cold. So maybe I can hit that up soon and get that heater noise, just for the hell of it.

Long story short, I headed back down to the store after a couple of days to resample the sounds. It wasn’t magic like the first set of noises Jaykin threw down thats for sure/fa sho. But nevertheless I got a bunch of DOPE samples and talked hip hop and world politics with Justin. I never did get the sound of that heater starting up, but the winter isn’t over yet.

Heres the beat yo, let me know what you think. And some of the pics of the adventure.
All picture credit goes to my son.